Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Man with His JamuMall Empire

Don't give up and don't only try to use easy way to success

Middle: Founder JamuMall
Most of us that enjoy with FBLIVE would probably know SitiJamuMall but you maybe mistook Siti as a founder JamuMall. I just know that NIZAM who is actually as a founder of JAMUMALL and he was a brother to SITI. Even he was born with disabilities but that not as a reason for him to being FAILURE.  Recently he shares with others in the small event HOW HE stands TO BUILT UP HIS EMPIRE. I hope this story will be an inspiration for us .

In that event, he shares how he struggles to achieve all the success that he already achieve today. He said that at one point he thinks how can he change his life to be a better way. He also said at that point he comparing himself by other people that perfect in many ways not like him with disabilities but he also sees not use what god give to them properly so he says "I will use what God gives to me properly and I  show to others what 3finger and 1brain can do to make my family happy".
Also, he wonders nowadays many people choose for easy work regard to hard work, preferring hard life without effort strongly, willing to quit work and be happy for years on the basis of ego can move on their own and willing to see family and people around difficult. It kind of throwback of him at where at one time he cannot afford to give money to his parent and he feels guilty for it so he makes a step to change it.
At age 30 years old he manages to be in the stabil economy and can around the world such as Dubai, Korea, Japan, Australia and many more place without worry about money and even in a luxury way. The best thing ever is now he can make time with his family and give anything that his family wants.

He also said "Now I realize .. to succeed in life, work, or business is not easy. But for a strong desire, great love, courage, love and self-improvement, and also a high-minded person bring me now.

He hopes that everyone can change their future to be better as he said "Last but not least ... if I have 3 fingers and minds able to build your own life and the happiness of the people around .. how many fingers to change your life ?? Age is growing, do not wait anymore .. we can change ourselves !!"
 He said based on experience and that might be open our eyes on how he stand up even he not perfect like other. 

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