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The Man with His JamuMall Empire

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Don't give up and don't only try to use easy way to success

Middle: Founder JamuMall
Most of us that enjoy with FBLIVE would probably know SitiJamuMall but you maybe mistook Siti as a founder JamuMall. I just know that NIZAM who is actually as a founder of JAMUMALL and he was a brother to SITI. Even he was born with disabilities but that not as a reason for him to being FAILURE.  Recently he shares with others in the small event HOW HE stands TO BUILT UP HIS EMPIRE. I hope this story will be an inspiration for us .

In that event, he shares how he struggles to achieve all the success that he already achieve today. He said that at one point he thinks how can he change his life to be a better way. He also said at that point he comparing himself by other people that perfect in many ways not like him with disabilities but he also sees not use what god give to them properly so he says "I will use what God gives to me properly and I  show to others what 3finger and 1brain can do to make my family happy".
Also, he wonders nowadays many people choose for easy work regard to hard work, preferring hard life without effort strongly, willing to quit work and be happy for years on the basis of ego can move on their own and willing to see family and people around difficult. It kind of throwback of him at where at one time he cannot afford to give money to his parent and he feels guilty for it so he makes a step to change it.
At age 30 years old he manages to be in the stabil economy and can around the world such as Dubai, Korea, Japan, Australia and many more place without worry about money and even in a luxury way. The best thing ever is now he can make time with his family and give anything that his family wants.

He also said "Now I realize .. to succeed in life, work, or business is not easy. But for a strong desire, great love, courage, love and self-improvement, and also a high-minded person bring me now.

He hopes that everyone can change their future to be better as he said "Last but not least ... if I have 3 fingers and minds able to build your own life and the happiness of the people around .. how many fingers to change your life ?? Age is growing, do not wait anymore .. we can change ourselves !!"
 He said based on experience and that might be open our eyes on how he stand up even he not perfect like other. 

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Travel and experience cover Chiba Prefecture during WINTER2019. #Part1

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When talking about Japan most people will think about Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe but not many of us aware of Chiba so on this trip, I will focus on Chiba Prefecture. If you are a Muslim traveler you don't have to worry about Halal food because there are tons of Halal food at this prefecture and you will not starving I can promise you that. Check my other ENTRY for Halal food at Chiba. Part 1 I will share half place that I visit in this area also suitable for a family that brings child and elder.

Imej mungkin mengandungi: 1 orang, tersenyum
This what "Body language" show when I too exited arrive at here!!!!!!
From KLIA (Malaysia Airline) to Narita Airport, Tokyo
Use Malaysia Airlines is one of my best experience using their service so comfortable and make me choose them as my favourite airlines. For those that may be worry about transportation there are plenty public and private transportation that you can choose ,if you lost don't worry just ask around they will be glad to help you. :)

( I can't find my picture at here) so Sad!!!!
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

*When I arrive at this place I just cannot believe it because this place is fill up with nature and heritage building also you can experience their culture directly  and there are spot where they list all people that make contribution toward this temple include worker.Also you will be expose with their culture that will explain by volunteer guide at here. My advice is WE AS A VISITOR must follow their culture guide and respect it because we may be too exited and may lose out mind for a moment and make sure to consider everything when doing something if you uncertainty just ask them. Example in this picture : I ask them first in case if inappropriate 
I forgot what its about :)
  • The first stop that you cannot miss it because of this place near Narita Airport.
  • For your information, Narita Aiport allows the visitor in transit to visit the temple and they provide a free program for this transit.
  • This temple will take you back with a culture that they show here include "How they pure their soul tradition".
  • You can find a volunteer guide at here that will explain all about this place.
Naritasan Omotesando Street.

*At here they are famous with smoked eel and there are plenty of restaurant and shop that serve this dish and also handmade craft also popular and sell a lot at here. For Malaysian there is no one at here when I come maybe because Malaysian not familiar with this place yet and also don't forget to but peanut cookies at here its so delicious and don't worry 100% organic so Muslim can eat it.

  • Connect JR Narita Station to Narita-san Shishoji Temple
  • The atmosphere of the Japanese temple town.
  • You can shop here because there are a variety of souvenir shop and also can eat gourmet from a street food vendor.
  • Also there are plenty of tasting point you can try their delicacies and if you interested just buy from them.
Umihotaru Parking Area.

Image result for umihotaru
*I come here during and so cold so we just make a stop for a while to get a stuff for eat and they provide (mosque/surau) for Muslim for prayer. See how Japan government make initiative for Muslim traveler and visitor? Thanks for it, I really appreciate it and happy for it. My advice arcade at here is kind of expensive for me just like 1 token = RM9++ but you still can enjoy with your family.
    Hasil gambar untuk umihotaru arcade
  • This place has a shopping mall on the sea
  • Can enjoy 360' view of Tokyo Bay
  • If you worry about HALAL FOOD they provide HALAL CURRY at here
  • There provide photo service at here and there are TONS of activity you can enjoy at here
Strawberry Picking

Imej mungkin mengandungi: tumbuhan dan makanan
they provide free condensed milk so OISHI!!!!!!
* It still make me crave about it when watch my video at here . Taste that I can't forget it even to compare with Malaysia Strawberry cannot beat this fresh,,juicy and delicious. I will repeat it. I promise!!!
Imej mungkin mengandungi: satu atau lebih orang, orang berdiri dan tumbuhan
This is my friend "JOE" so KawaIIIIII!!!!!

(Check my youtube channel for my video at here. COMING SOON)
  • Strawberry "Farm Aiba" in Sanmu City is the Place that you can visit for a Strawberry Picking.
  • It has all-you-can-eat strawberry-picking for 45minute
  • They provide 10 types of STRAWBERRY (Normal until Premium)
  • December until May is the best season and seriously SO Good!!!!!!!!
Inubohsaki Lighthouse
After 99 steps to step before arriving at this platform *SO COLD!!!!!

I want to take like others but FAILED......

Imej mungkin mengandungi: orang berdiri, lautan, langit, luaran, alam dan air

* My pose and face is so terrible when try to took a photo it kind of waste at here if you take picture like me. LOL
*We overnight at this area so we got a chance to make a stop at this place and feel great!!!! For thos photographer must be glad if they come here because VIEW and LOCATION there are plenty too choose for their picture and video. At here you will get a ticket just like a movie ticket "Exclusive design" and don't forget to get a "STAMP" for those like make a memories while travel around this service is FREE!!!!
(Check my next entry for "WHERE I STAY AT CHIBA PREFECTURE"
  • One of the oldest lighthouse in Japan: build in the 19th century and listed for ONE OF JAPAN NATIONAL TREASURE
  • Located in beautiful Inubo cape by 7 minute walks from Inubo Station in Choshi city.
Tokawa Station.

Image result for Tokawa station
*Tokawa station very near with Inubohsaki Light House and at here they still maintain the first building structure and when you came inside it you can see in there just like a small museum and also "FREE STAMP". If I not mistaken this train still can use it but only at certain schedule. Near here there also another places and make a RICE CRACKER its so delicious!!!!!! They will teach you how to make it and dip it with soy sauce.

Busy to take others picture and I kind of lazy person during this  time....Lol
  • Tokawa station is not your Japanese train station
  • It maintains its retro architecture and vibe

Tokyo German Village
Tokyo German Village at Chiba prefecture
*At first I thought it same with ICT at Malaysia but this place is unbeatable !!! So huge to explore , We arrive at 6pm and already dark and miss our chance see a "Mt.Fuji" there are place at here that you can see it during clear day/sky.
Because too cold we have been given extra "baju sejuk" by management
Light Tunnel
At this time we try to escape from cold and make a decision to just ride it and want to repeat it because too cold.We just 3person at here and again there are no Malaysian tourist come at here during that time. I hope this place will be famous because this place there plenty of fun that waiting for you.(In Ferris wheel)

This video might be too short (Visit my youtube channel and wait for upcoming video because I still does't have time to edit my video yet)

  • I feel so lucky to come around Winter season because during this time they provide "Winter Illumination"(NIGHT)
  • Illumination THEME is changed every year and it's available from NOV until APR
  • Beautiful flower garden that you can enjoy during daytime also not to forget "family amusement"
  • This place is suitable for all generation

For those that may like HIKING and meet a nature they can explore at Mt. Nokogiriyama at here also provide cable car for those such as elderly and child and visitor that may not like to hiking. I can't say it 100% HIKING but please wear a suitable shoe because if not you will end up like me get swelling at ankle. You can spend time at here for 1-2 hour depend how much picture and video also how much time you take to explore this place because it so huge.

Entrance fee : Adult 600 Yen, Children 400 Yen 
*So affordable right???? And you can explore all at this place.
Image result for nokogiriyama map

When I arrive at this place my expectation just like WELL---- it may be same like other MT. but I was wrong about that I really LIKE it even it may be difficult to climb their stairs!!!! but WORTH it!!!
Based on my understanding it was 330 meter tall mountain located at Boso Peninsular and you can find 1500 statue through the trail.

( at front entrace of trails)

Jigoku Nozoki Observation Deck.
JJ and Mr.Hasegawa at deck of observation ( I try my best to take their picture because I'm so tired to climb up)
So great when you exsplore during winter and one of the reason is will not make you sweat..L
JJ make a wish for his future ...actually I don't know ..lol

I like this !!!!
When you arrive at here there are some place just look like in ancient movie and will make your jaw drop with their statue and for Buddhist you can make wishes and pray while enjoy their nature and for Muslim just enough to enjoy nature and appreciate other culture.  

Memory that I will keep it-----(Sob,sob,sob)
*I really miss them!!!!

*Thank for read and visit my Blog and hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe my blog and follow my Instagram : yaya0629.co9 and feel free to ask me and leave comment through this blog.
I really hope that I will share my journey with you guys and see it on next entry. I feel sad because my time for writing is not much because busy with task at University. Thank you again!!!!!

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Tips on winter for muslim

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I really like this season because as you know at Malaysia we have 2 season that is HOT and SO HOT.
What kind of outfit that may suitable for a Muslim women in during winter?
This may be a question for those that first time travel abroad to enjoy winter season.
Same like me ,on my first time I also wonder what kind of outfit should I brought for this season so I google and search all the website but what I get it just a common answer. Well that normal tho...LOL

Image result for question
This is me while wonder about it...

TIPS #1- Check Average Temperature

If 18°C- 25°C : For this temperature SWEATER is most comfortable to wear so don't worry about TOO COLD.
If 10°C- 17°C : Long John, Sweater, Winter Jacket or Winter Coat
(At this temperature you need to wear a suitable or proper clothes because it quiet chill but still under control for your body just imagine to replace a sweater with another dress or wear more than 1 shirt inside) I don't know if you understand my language.
0°C and below : Woolen Long John, Woolen Sweater, Down Jacket, Glove, Winter Pants, Winter Shoes or Boots, Cashmere Scarfs, Hat, Socks.

Image result for muslim outfit winter
(All of this item is MUST because you might feel chill until your BONE so COOL!!!! But you still can mix and match so you doesn't look like a PENGUIN when walk.. LOL)

ADVICE ; All of this item is just as a reference in case you still doesn't know how to say it at department store also for me UNIQLO always up to date with current trend.

*Don't forget to buy their singlet (WITH WARMER if I'm not mistaken)

Image result for muslim outfit winter

HIJAB a important part for your fashion instinct but believe me during winter nothing to worries about HIJAB for WHAT KIND OF MATERIAL suitable for this season because any kind of HIJAB is suitable for this season . JUST GO FOR ANY STYLE and MATERIAL.

(Just focus on COLOUR MIX and MATCH)

Image result for hijab colors

......to be continue

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Three Differences between Travel and Holiday

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sumber google

Most of people always say this year I will go holiday at "this"place and other will say I already travel at "this" place but did you know there are differences between this two subject.? Yeah for me I am a traveler.. Based on my opinion there are 3 basic different between travellers and holiday planner person.

Difference No.1

Travelers focus on whole place to visit around the country or place to visit and including outdoor activities like hiking to explore that place include with hidden or rarely open to tourist means more local. Mostly travelers didn't set up limitations where to go.
Vacation will focus on place to visit but focus on where is worth to go and not to much trouble and mostly will search up to hot tourist spot . Vacation they set a limitations to explore
Image result for travel vs vacation

Different No.2

Travelers focus take picture or video of environment and culture view also mural and not to be mention scenery view .... More to professional or moment capture to share with public.
Vacation usually will take a picture just like selca ,family  or friend picture.... More to self interest but with now day skill its not a problem anymore.
Image result for travel vs vacation

Different No.3

Travelers person they have a basic plan where to go but mostly they are more spontaneous than a holiday person why it come like that such as example they want to explore "this place" but they will not just sightseeing that place but will explore more around "that" place. They also not set up time regard their plan.
Vacation will consider all of subject and mostly their plan is stick up to itinerary that already they plan also transportation they more comfort with something that easy to set up or deal it. When they already want to visit "that place" they just focus sightseeing and will not explore too far around that place just like limitations that they achieve.
Image result for travel vs vacation